The Girl Behind the Blog: Hobbies

Hello Lovlies! It's that time already! Can you believe it? Time for this month's Girl Behind the Blog.

The topic for this month is passions or hobbies that you don't talk about on your blog very often. But I'll just let the official prompt explain that.

The Girl Behind The Blog- Your Non-Blogging Passion
Time limit: Vlogs should be 2-3 minutes long
What topic could get you talking for hours, if someone asked you to share?
What are your hobbies and passions that you might not talk about often on your blog?
Is there a reason you shy away from sharing this passion on your blog?
This month's co-host is an awesome and beautiful lady with an even more beautiful heart. Her name is Mackenzie and she blogs at Life of a Pint-Sized Mama. Seriously...Ashely (at Written on Her Heart) has great taste in co-hosts. Go check her out and then every single one of the ladies who have co-hosted this link up with her! =)


Thanks for watching! I'd love to hear your answers to the questions above and get to know you a bit. =)

Be blessed <3