The Stars

There's something about stars that stop my crazy heart mid-beat.Just the way lightening, the ocean, or the perfect rainstorm do also.

That night, we sat at the ocean as the sun set behind us. I thought my heart was still in the presence of the ocean. I flipped through a few pages of my kindle book, taking in the words…too quickly.


It was time to leave, and I, reluctant to go, looked up. And the stars shone through.

Through the clouds Through the pitch black of the sky Through the false peace in my crazy mind

My heart stopped and my mind slowed Beauty has that way touching me so quickly and changing so much...if only I stop to soak it in.


We couldn't stay. I didn't have my camera. No long thoughtful moments under the stars, but the moment touched my heart nonetheless.

It reminded me why I need beauty. Why I need still. Why I need peace.

And it was just one more way that the Maker of the stars reminded my crazy heart that He is peace. Oh how desperately I need Him. How desperately I need to surrender to His gentle touch. How thankful I am for the passing beauties of this earth that point us to His eternal beauty.

How thankful I am that the Creator of the stars shines His beauty into my peace-starved soul, and reminds me that He intends my soul to be at rest in Him.

Be blessed <3