The Truth about Your Work: {If You Failed at Life this Week}

Most every week the same few things are on my mental checklist list... theTruthAboutYourWork1


Eat healthy: If you don't count the half a dozen cupcakes and ridiculous amounts of diet soda I consumed, then yes, I ate great...

Time With Jesus: I started the week so strong...

Read: I guess reading with my students during tutoring sessions counts for something...

Write: It took till Wednesday night at a coffee shop, and the whole time I felt so antisocial...

And the list rolls on... Do you have your own mental list? That checklist in your mind that you use to measure yourself? That you use to measure your worth?

This week was one of those weeks. A week where you wake up at the end and wonder what happened to your time.

This week was one of those, and I felt useless...worthless. Do you feel the same?

Then hear me… Hear the words that I had to preach loud to my weary heart. Hear the truth that I had to speak into my own mind until I could believe it. Hear the words God has spoken over you since the beginning of time... You are not worthless.

The truth about your work is that you are not measured by it. You are not loved in proportion to it. You are not valued in comparison to it.

You are loved regardless of your output. You are valued regardless of your production. You are worth more than your pay per hour.

You are loved by God. You are valuable to God.

And you are unworthy...He knows that. And you have failed...He knows you did. And you won’t ever be perfect...He knows you won’t.

He still loves you. He still treasures you. He still says that you are His.

You are loved and valued regardless of the product of your hours. You are loved by God...dearly loved and highly valued.


So breathe in the freedom of that love. And jump with passion into all He has prepared for you.

So breathe in the joy of unending grace. And fight forward in the knowledge of that love.

So breathe in the knowledge that you are valued by your Creator. And live joyfully for His honor and glory.

Be blessed <3