Thirty-One Days

Four hours ago I found myself laying on the shaggy rug in our living room with a pounding headache and fighting a losing battle with my mounting stress."It's day one." "I'm only picking a topic to write about for 31 days." "That's worth the stress, right?"

And then it hit me. I was laying on the living room floor, completely overwhelmed by trying to decide whether to write about intentionality or taking the time to breathe freely in life… My heart dropped, my decision was clear. I laid there wishing I could choose "Breathe" because I had mastered it, knowing I was choosing it because I needed it…desperately!


Deep breath. The decision was made. I could stop stressing. I could breathe again…for now.

Sister, let's take a month and learn to breathe together. Every day, for 31 days. I'm excited to see what God will teach my anxious heart through this time. I hope it blesses you as well.

I'm joining The Nester and hundreds of other ladies for this month long writing challenge. I will be reading Jessie (Wild and Free) and Pint-Sized Mama (31 Days to Normal)  and Annie (31 Ways to Speak Love) as they dive into this 31 day challenge also. I'll probably read along with several others as well. Join me?

Breathe: Day 1: The Song of My Breath Day 2: Knots Day 3: For the Days When... Day 4: Wide Eyed Heart Day 5: Where You Sit Day 6: Not Just Church Day 7: He Never Breathes In Day 8: A Whole Heart Day 9: What it Really Is Day 10: Name the Thanks Day 11: He Never Rushed Day 12: His Presence With Us Day 13: This Journey {Guest Post} Day 14: Not an Accident Day 15: When Day 16: Truth is... Day 17: It Comes from Obedience Day 18: He Loves You Day 19: He Loves the World Day 20: If it's Not From Him Day 21: Breathe in the Midst Day 22: Light Day 23: Intention Day 24: First Day 25: To Do List Day 26: Adding the Minutes Day 27: Change Me Day 28: Only as Important Day 29: Obedience and Thanks Day 30: It's Not About the Breathing Day 31: The Whole Point

Be blessed <3