Too Busy Enjoying Life...

I haven't taken many instant am photos lately...maybes it's because I am to busy enjoying life to stop and capture it on my phone....or maybe I'm too busy moping about the load of laundry that got completely ink stained including 3 of my new shirts...or maybe I'm too busy goofing off with (ie. teaching) three middle school boys for a guard start class at my work...hmmm....either way, these are all the photos I've got.

The BEAUTIFUL center pieces from a wedding I attended two weeks ago!

And a yummy smoothie that I had at a bachelorette party last weekend. The secrete? Jet tea and ice? Amazing huh? So simple and so good!

I had a friend spend the night middle of last week, while my hubby spent the night with some guy friends. We decided to be crazy with whipped cream. =)

And then we at cookie dough...with whipped cream and sprinkles! Soooo pretty!

My Mm painted my toenails the other day. I LOVE this color. Thanks to my sister Anna for letting me borrow it....something about teal is just so cheerful.

My hubby and I went on a much needed lunch date on Monday. We ate at the Olive Garden and I officially have a new favorite there....the Shrimp Mezzaluna! TO DIE FOR! I couldn't decide between shrimp pasta and ravioli. Then I found this new menu item andI LOVED it. (Get the point yet? Lol!) I may just have to try to recreate this here soon....

How was your week?

Be blessed.