Valentines Day

It sounds like many of you had a nice Valentine's Day. I did a well, I woke up to 3 red roses on my nightstand and another dozen in the kitchen! (My 1st dozen red roses ever!) My sneaky husband waited until I was asleep Monday night to head to the store and by me roses. I woke up when he got back in bed with me but didn't suspect a thing and didn't even see the roses until he pointed the out the next morning! =) Aren't they beautiful?

For dinner I made Monterey Chicken and salad with leftover French bread from the night before. I got the chicken recipe from Pinterest, but I forgot to take a picture! =,( Sad day! Oh well, we both thoroughly enjoyed it!

I spent most of the day working on this for my hubby:

When he got home that was waiting for him. Unfortunately:

1. I didn't finish all 52 in time, so some are still waiting to be hidden and I have 10 left to make (I'll be doing that this afternoon). 2. And it had been a stressful day at work for him so he didn't get excited about it until later (after the stress had worn off and we had eaten some delicious food). But that's okay, because he still hasn't finished finding all the ones I have hidden so far.

I think he is enjoying finding them all. I also got him a subscription to this Internet service that he has been wanting for awhile in our pursuit of going paperless. Yes, we are nerdy. Anywho, we had a calm evening with much needed opportunities to talk through life. Hope your Valentine's was blessed.

Oh, btw...check out this ADORABLE Valentine we got from my 7-year-old brother, Adam. He made his Valentine's all by himself and with no prompting from my mom! =)