I've been seeing these ALL over the web, so as soon as I finished my crocheted afghan, I exactly what my next new projects would be!  My top two MUST MAKE projects were leg warmers and ear warmers.  
Here is some of my inspiration from Pinterest (click the link to see my Pinterest and find the original sources of these photos)
Leg Warmers
Ear Warmers
Well, as soon as that gorgeous afghan was finished I started on the leg warmers.  I don't know if you can see it from the pictures, but I did a raised, vertical stripe pattern.  If you look at the top center photo, you can sort of see that they are "mock" leg warmers.  I didn't want to use that much yarn and my boots are pretty tight fitting anyways.
My Leg Warmers
As soon as I finished the leg warmers I started on a headband/ear warmer.  It was so fast and easy to make!  (Except that I made it too big the first time so I had to pull it out and start over.)
Headband/Ear Warmer

With both these projects I designed my own patterns as I went.  It is more fun that way.  Even though neither turned out the way I had initially envisioned them, I was happy with the results.  They are unique and they are mine! =)  Love them both!

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