Wedding Week - Day 3: Engagement Photos

Welcome!  I am taking a break from all of my "normal" blogging to spend a whole SIX DAYS talking about the best day of my wedding day!  Here is the schedule:
Day 1: How We Met
Day 2: The Proposal 
Day 3: Engagement Photos
Day 4: Wedding Planning
Day 5: The BIG DAY
Day 6: Our Honeymooon
I hope that you stick around and that you enjoy learning a bit more about me in this mini-series!
Day 3 - Engagement Photos

One MAJOR priority...engagement photos. A dear friend offered right away. So we headed back to that same lovely park on a Monday evening...
They are not professional, but in my eyes, they are beautiful.

They so uniquely express our fun joyful personalities, our deep love for each other, and our excitement for our marriage.
The two weeks flew by...and then he headed back to school. We settled back into school, ready for more waiting...

{to be continued...tomorrow}

Be blessed.