What Have I Learned?

Hello beautiful!Today I am linking with BOTH Ashley and Alyssa for The Girl Behind the Blog/Coffee Date link up! I really truly am very excited for this and didn't wait too long to get mine finished this time.

Ashley - Is an amazing mommy of 2 (well, number two is coming soon). She has awesome style, is super real in her writing and loves Jesus...like really loves Jesus! You can just tell from her blog! Go subscribe...that's an order ;-)

Alyssa - She is super talented. I read her blog and I feel like she knows what she's doing here in blog land unlike so many of us me. She seems sweet and genuine and really loves the Lord too...and her coffee date link up is super fun, even if you don't want to make a vlog. Just write what you would say. So get over to her blog stat! And...yep...subscribe. =)

I hope you all enjoyed this! Looking forward to watching all of yours. <3

Any questions or comments? Want to share your story? That's what the comments are for! I will do my best to respond quickly. <3

Be blessed <3