What's Been Going on: Instagram

So for those of you who don't have instagram (or for some strange reason are not following me), I thought I'd give you a peep into my life!
I started running again this week!
Relaxing in bed after a run
I am SO BLESSED that I get to run to the beach every morning!

Speaking of running, my sister Anna, a sophomore (10th grade), ran at State for Cross Country last weekend.

And she took 5th!!!!
Sorry, just a bit excited and proud here.
Her team took the State Championship title for the 7th year in a row, which is a record in Washington State!

Anna with the team trophy
Me being ridiculously excited after watching her run over FaceTime! In the words of her coach, "It was the race of a lifetime for her."
Anna and Abigail (another sister) after the race -Anna is wearing her medal for 5th place!
Last Sunday night, I got to see Phil Wickham lead worship for a Sunday night church service in Miami!
Phil Wickham
Pastor Pedro preached a powerful message on the character of Jesus

Starbucks have started their holiday drinks and cups, and I have started really pushing myself to get back into God's Word regularly.

Read my thoughts on this passage
Starbucks and journaling God's Word <3
Seriously, aren't they pretty?
Another thing that makes me happy? Getting stuff in the mail!
Care package from a dear family in Washington
I have been trying some new stuff this week.
T-shirt yarn!!!
No, Settlers of Catan is not new, but fried yams are new to me. Sooooo yummy!
Today, Travis and I got library cards! Yay! I think we might watch it tonight.
My parents' tried something new this week too, and I got to FaceTime in for the whole thing! You know, for moral support, because my dad required it as a stipulation of him taking on this task. =)
My dad colored my mom's hair!
Aren't they adorable?
This morning, I got to babysit this cuteness for 2 hours!
Opening the door for me
Look at that hair! Aren't you jealous?
She is a crazy one!
Isn't her sense of style hilarious! She rode her tricycle to the park across the street.

Just because: This is what I wore one day, although I pretty much wore jeans and boots almost every day.

Lace and Boots

Well, this is (a bit) of my life for the week. What about you? What have you been up to?

Be blessed <3