WIWW: Lace and Boots

Praise the Lord for friends who clean out their closets!

Two of my three sweet girl friends down here in Florida (yes, we don't know many people yet) cleaned out their closets a few weeks after we got here. Yay for me!

So I volunteered to take the clothes to Goodwill in exchange for being able to sift through them first and take what I wanted.

This sheer, lacy shirt was one of my favorite second-hand finds! Isn't it beautiful!

And I needed an outfit with which to model this beautiful headband/ear warmer for AleshaBlessedDesigns (my etsy shop). The shirt fit the bill perfectly.

Additionally, see these boots? I got them online for $15 last winter at Shiekh Shoes. Black boot heels? Yes please! I love them so much! But unfortunately, I changed out of them right after this photo shoot, because my husband and I were going thrift shopping. Heels and thrift shopping don't really mix. =)

Find this headband and more for sale 


I love wearing these headbands with big, dangle earring. I feel sophisticated and elegant, while still warm and cozy.

Skinny jeans + dark cami + sheer top + colorful sweater + boots + ear warmer + giant earrings = one of my all time favorite fall outfits

...maybe next time I'll actually keep it on all day! Haha!

What is one of your favorite fall outfits?

Be blessed


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