WIWW - Pretty Pink Shirt

I got this shirt at Nordstrom Rack (remember that trip?).
I almost didn't buy it, but Amanda convinced me otherwise...and I'm SO glad she did!
It has become one of my new favorite shirts!
Isn't this gathering beautiful?  LOVE IT!
If you read my guest post over at Life..Unscripted, then you will know that I LOVE Chuck Taylor Converse!  (You should go check out Amber's blog even though she's currently on a blogging break so she can get married and enjoy the summer!  She'll be back and it'll be great!)
I rode my bike to my hubby's work today (only a mile) so I couldn't wear flip flops even though it is gorgeous outside!  So my wedding shoes did the trick.  (Once again, read this post.)
 I can't stop wearing this pretty necklace that I got for my birthday!
Trying to take full body pictures of yourself with your iPhone ends up in some interesting poses...
Oh well!  You get the idea of the outfit!
Btw...guess where I got these GAP capris? Goodwill!  I love thrift stores!  <3
(To be totally honest with you all, I used PicMonkey to clear up my forehead a bit in these photos...don't you just love that blemish fix feature!)
Be blessed! <3
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