WIWW - Teal Sweater

I bought a very similar sweater to this one back in the fall on sale for $18. I hardly wore it until our trip to California in January.  Then I wore it CONSTANTLY and completely fell in love with it.
And then promptly lost it in the airport on the way home.  =(

So I went back to Target.  They had this one for $24, but I wasn't quite sure I was ready to spend even more on it.  So I waited.  Then the other day, Travis and I went to Target for emergen-C's and other stuff completely unrelated to clothes.  But I ended up at the massive 50% off racks anyways!

After being unsuccessful in my trip to the dressing rooms, I noticed a little shelf of shirts and sweaters that was also clearance.  And this sweater was on it!
Only ONE left!
In MY size!
For $7.50!
I couldn't pass it up this time!  And since it is raining again, I pulled it out of the closet pretty quickly.  =)

Sorry for the grainy photos.  I had to take them inside (because of the rain) and so they turned out super grainy.  Yuck...so I decided to work with and use PicMonkey to edit them in such a way that it looked like the graininess was intentional!
Did it work?
Well, it was worth a shot.  =)

Be blessed!

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