Womanhood with Purpose

Guess what?

It's Blog Angel announcement time!
And yes, Angie from Womanhood with Purpose was who I got to shower with love! <3
To be totally honest...I forgot about it for about a week or so in the middle. So Angie's blog got some concentrated love and comments from me at the beginning of the month and then right before the link up went live.

And of coarse, I was late with my post. (Sorry Angie!)

I started out focusing just on comments, and then moved to giving a bit of imput. Honestly, reading Angie's blog has been cool. She has a lot of good insight in to marriage and planning.

Check out these posts:

4 Easy Tips on How to Make Healthy Recipes

Are You a Frugal Shopper?

And she posts a daily verse. Today's was,

In Him our hearts rejoise, for we trust in His Holy name.- 

{Psalm 33: 21 NLT}

I will end with Angie's classic closing: