Day 1: Work Hard + Rest Well

I started the year with a phrase, a motto, I guess you could say. My life was plagued by lack of focus and distractions were stealing my time. I felt disconnected and overstimulated. I was wasting time and rushing around till I was crazy.

So I started the year with a plan: simple but so complex.


As I’ve journeyed through the past nine months, I’ve learned more than I thought there was to know. But more than anything, I’ve learned how much I still have to learn. And in spite of the growth I’ve seen, I’m crawling into this month a little broken, a little tender, and a little tired.

So I'm joining in with The Nester to write for 31 days. Everyday for the month of October I'll be writing on this one topic...

Work Hard + Rest Well: Learning Obedience in the Rhythms of Work and Rest

I’m writing about this because I need it. I’m writing about work because I still too often try to split my energies and end up fractured and fragmented with very little to show for my strain. I’m writing about rest because I still too often spend my work times resting in ways that don’t refresh and my rest times worrying that I should be working.

Are you there? Are you feeling fragmented and fractured? Are you feeling a little broken, a little tender, and a little tired? Are you feeling disconnected and overstimulated at the same time?

Join me on this journey. It will be a little bit of practical work and a whole lot of heart work. I’m needing it. And I’m excited.

{If you're just joining me, you click through to any of the posts from the links below.}

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