You Wore What? - Week Two

Hello again!  Here is the promised, post #2 for the day...except that I never finished it yesterday like I said I would..oops!  I made and had a fancy dinner with my husband instead!  (Note to other wives: always set the table and clean the house before you make a dinner that you expect to be relaxing, peaceful, and elegant.  Otherwise it will not be.  Oh well, lessons learned the hard way.  It was still good though.)

It is once again time for...

I only had the time to photograph 2 outfits this week (again), but it was fun to pick new combinations and  take the photos.

This outfit was a fun one where I tried my new "belt", which is really a tie taken off another sweater!

Yucky lighting!  =(  Oh well...maybe next week I'll get my pictures taken earlier in the day...

This simple outfit is what I wore yesterday.  I was babysitting/tutoring for 4 1/2 hours so I wanted to be comfy.  This fit the bill and yet I still felt cute.
(Forgive the tired eyes - It was about 10 o'clock at night when we took these...)

Leave a comment with a link to what YOU wore this week and thanks for stopping by!
Be blessed.